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Yiwu The draft law of commodity circulation for public comment

Ministry of Commerce spokesman Sun Jiwen said circulation industry has become the foundation of our national economy and leading industry, plays an important role in guiding production and promote consumption. But domestic circulation of circulation, there are still high cost and low efficiency, lack of security and other issues. Meanwhile, the domestic circulation of legislation dispersion, fragmentation, and the existence of legislative gaps in many other areas. Yiwu City According to the party's eighth session of the Third and Fourth Plenum, constructed in line with the new situation, the flow of new cases of legal system is imperative.

According to Deputy Director of the Department of Treaty and Law Department of Commerce Mr Chen Fuli introduction, the draft will be located in the circulation of commodities wholesale, retail, logistics and related services, and other trade activities, both in the flow of tangible goods, including commodities and related service activities.

"Draft will maintain a unified and open the domestic market as the primary purpose of the legislation." He said that the law in the field of commodities around "to deal with the relationship between government and the market," the core, mainly on the rational distribution of distribution facilities, maintaining the flow of safety, Yiwu Market circulation order to protect and promote the circulation of industrial development and the corresponding regulatory system and legal responsibility to make regulations.
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Yiwu Futian carry out land clearing work table

Below Fukuda roads Xialuozhai function piece areas east as well as east prior to Wang Venne Zhaicun, yiwu china marketdistributing waves roar of excavators and forklifts. This is the incorporation of all causes Fukuda road, Yiwu Fudan Experimental college project concerning the East prior to the king, a complete of thirty-five acres associated with land eastern Fu town house 2 clear dining tables.

Yiwu Fudan Experimental College is one of the crucial projects within 2015 inside Yiwu Town, will create a primary university, junior higher, high school more than a decade consistent approach to boarding colleges, school preparing and building of a couple of campuses, siting Yiwu monetary business region are planning a pair of School Great deal (intended with regard to primary section), Yongjin Method and Dongfeng Road locality plots (proposed for the center and senior high school section). This particular table is principally involved in the very first phase from the Qing main school area, along with floor attachment procedure 35 massive areas of property, Yiwu Bags Marketclearing the actual table essentially completed, tagging the terrain takeover Yiwu Fudan Fresh School tasks achieved preliminary results.

Based on reports, Yiwu Fudan Experimental Main School task before the Eastern Village segment involving an overall total of thirty seven housing demolition, relocation regarding graves fifteen points, a couple corporate moving. Since later last year, Fukuda street group set up in order to tackle all out storming. Presently, 15 factors graves happen to be relocated, thirty five have finished the right to perform evicted authorization, 16 relocatees resettlement payment agreement continues to be signed. Road representation, and then try to complete almost all 37 real estate demolition perform before the finish of 06.
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Practicing the "three strict three real" to promote innovation and development work of the CPPCC Yiwu

Yiwu CPPCC kept a "three strict 3 real" unique lectures-cum-special schooling will be used. Yiwu Town, chairman from the CPPCC went to the conference and keynote lectures documented that "three strict about three real" specific education is not just to improve design for the celebration set off once again, re-start,yiwu china market but additionally to further boost the educational exercise, then sublimation, is constantly improving CPPCC an essential channel with regard to work.


The actual meeting stated, "three stringent three real" special education and learning is to lengthen and expand the Party's mass collection educational training, and to the profound knowledge of the "three strict a few real" importance and richness of Learning "three rigid three real" essence in the theory as well as practice specifications; to make an effort to practice the actual "three tight three real" to "three strict several real" since the scale heavy investigation comprehensive photos, augmenting morality, self-discipline, the bravery to play, clean-General, to become "three-Yan three actual "Well cartouche, yiwu fairin order to market innovation and also development function of the CPPCC.

The appointment called to handle special academic activities, to become closely for this theme of training, clear along with specific goals; adhere to problem-oriented, to solve exceptional problems; excellent strict needs, solid organised way; insistence over price, serious demo lead; concentrate on overall holding, to ensure usefulness of the perform. To strengthen the business and command of particular education actions, in accordance with thematic lectures, exclusive study workshops, special democratic life, execution of the changement and stereoregularity discipline 4 "key actions" in depth unique education.

Yiwu, deputy movie director of the CPPCC organs in addition to office, workplaces of all event members in order to participate in conferences
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Yiwu Municipal People's Congress plenary authority to become the party's leading cadres to practice the "three strict three real" Well cadres

SECURITY CAMERA Financial Station "dialogue" unique program is going to be broadcast this evening, "world capacity to it Yiwu",yiwu market Yiwu Concentrate "electricity provider change town, global possibilities. "

The actual "world terms Yiwu electrical power supplier" system to "change electricity dealer market, worldwide opportunities" since the theme, concentrating on the traditional web industry, the effect of actual physical market subjects such as website for ideological confrontation. Yiwu, the planet's largest product market to discover its own route of advancement --- "electricity supplier for-market": through the progress e-commerce, the actual Yiwu products sold to the particular national system, to sell towards the world, Yiwu market, Yiwu Commodity open up a new station, "for" for the new marketplace space. Yiwu is the tour's electricity company can make exactly what contribution, along with nowadays individuals are very worried about cross-border commerce en ligne trade, Yiwu Socks Marketlogistics and show cost, large data along with other topics, these types of wonderful solutions can be found in this program.

Current "world words Yiwu electricity supplier" program can also be starting to depict a better "global village": internet to make the globe bigger, seated at home you can purchase the product globally; at the same time allow the world of ecommerce smaller, residing at home may use their energy to create a much better electronic company environment for the lives actual change for the best.
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Yiwu mailed long gotten Yiwu minicab reform "gift"

Minicab driver Airport transfer Co., Limited. Yiwu mailed long gotten Yiwu minicab reform "gift" - it is your right operate a new taxi cost waiver. yiwu marketSubsequently, the city's six airport transfer companies ones across over 2, 000 taxi operators franchise service charge relief do the job, taxis pain relief 5000 yuan per year income tax relief will probably reach 800 million.
Yiwu, the first in the united kingdom launched often the Taxi "let the market have fun with a major role" change, no longer control the number of taxis, taxi assistance specification progressive model to give more satisfactory companies for the persons traveling. By last month, Yiwu launched a taxi cab service level of quality bidding gain market "invisible hand" along with management "visible hand" game each other; completely new five businesses offering cab, taxi expert services to develop coverage,Yiwu Socks Market as a way to better the actual travel demands of the open, Forced minicab industry provider quality in addition to level routinely.

The industry states that Yiwu taxi marketplace reform comprehensive, take the initiative being public view, to find out reality of the airport transfer industry, "family property", co-ordinate the various desires, identify homeostasis of likes and dislikes, promote continuous pace on the taxi change.
According to studies, the same morning, Yiwu continual wind taxi cab branch, longer transport cab company with Yiwu, Yiwu transport corporations, six minicab company features issued in excess of 500 airport transfer drivers connected with reform "red. "
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