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Yiwu Huang Park Village roads are temporary markets Jeeves years

"Temporary markets Huangyuan Village twenty six buildings, yiwu china market a few direct slaughter live hens and other poultry in the street, that makes the environment is actually poor. inch Wu Yiwu repeatedly shown public highways by many years Jeeves, the surroundings is really poor.

Jeeves not work ground sewers

9 o'clock yesterday early morning, the media reporter field study found which, Huangyuan Town is situated opposing the veggie market short-term insurance-linked Riverside Road Main School, that is spontaneously created a veg market, marketing vegetables, fresh fruits, seafood, seafood, poultry joints to put in street sides.

Reporters from the guardería at the shopping mall to go within, the more the greater narrow highway inside. Joints on both edges of the path are used tables and seats, put meals basket or even plastic froth boxes occupy temporary, there are lots of homegrown veggies and species of fish on the side of the road on the pot and pail.

"Road happen to be accounted with regard to, walking can be extremely difficult. " Life near the anonymousness of people state, "We can simply parked on the highway where the Riverside. In case of fireplace, the fire will never get in! inches

In Huangyuan Village 21 1 on the ground floor, a owner of chicken stalls, booth holders many men busy simply killed a great chicken pale hair, was beside several cooing pigeons. A men customer arrived over and believed to buy quail, women wait holders required him towards the front of the pickup truck alongside the stairwell, open the doorway, there are a lot of reside poultry. Right after being trapped a joker, male stall-place slaughter passed hair. This individual said, simply because law enforcement officials to check frequently , only the actual poultry conceal, "These geese are delivered over through Anhui, had been confiscated in case found. very well

Placed in birds and other poultry under the desk, a positive bloodstream streaming straight down. Way in earlier times found that lots of vegetables leaking water, the stall offering seafood as well as fish straight to the sewerage to put on the road, water piled up, to Riverside Guardería flows while watching manhole. Numerous stalls within the back and edges, still full of leaves and kinds of trash.

"These times the weather awesome, pretty good. Might Day several days particularly great business promoting chickens, poultry and waste everywhere, smells. " Wu worry, following the weather gets hot, here in order to mosquito reproduction.

Many times it is extremely difficult to suspend remediation small effect

Reporters learned through the Riverside local community, the momentary markets in an instant formed a lot more than 10 years, here mostly operate or the record flow company, there are many countless families, primarily in greens. In addition to the lease paid for the landlord, do not need to dig some other costs, plant prices listed below are relatively inexpensive lot, with time, nearby inhabitants like to visit this page to buy foods.

Because Jeeves environment will be poor, there have been reported often, Yiwu Scarf market Yiwu Town Comprehensive Management Law Enforcement Agency law enforcement device also packed city to pay attention to remediation many times, but with tiny success. Final September, congested city roads and Metropolis Comprehensive Admin Law Enforcement Office jointly released a "ban Huangyuan Community street marketplace on observe, " right here remediation, soon after the resurrection of these stores. Currently, the particular crowded town law enforcement product personnel delivered joint interests to strengthen guidance to prevent shops spread on the door from the nursery and first schools.

To be able to improve sterilization conditions short-lived markets Huangyuan Village, jampacked city roadways is about this particular road subterranean pipe system transformation, assisting the change of rainfall and manure diversion released together with the route reconstruction, typically the project spending budget of more than 400 mil, is currently below way to sponsor tender, likely to be finished before the finish of the modification.

"Reconstruction in the underground tube network through the machine, we are going to take steps to try to totally ban often the temporary marketplaces. " Choucheng law enforcement model, said Zhu instructor, as soon as the completion of street reconstruction, will certainly strengthen police force and direction, to prevent the actual flow joints comeback.
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